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The Nakawa Division mayor Ronald Balimwezo Nsubuga has warned all non-governmental organisations in the division that they will not be recommended and have their certificates renewed unless they prove that they are performing on the ground.

Speaking at the annual division NGO meeting at KCCA Nakawa division headquarters, Balimwezo said that some of the organizations are irrelevant and don’t perform their duties appropriately.

“The community does not benefit from some of them yet they get money from the sponsors. We want to warn NGOs that are doing things in a way that is not appropriate that we are not going to recommend you anymore unless you show us evidence that you are performing on ground,” he said

He added “Today funders don’t want to fund NGOs because of their irrelevance. NGOs eat money that is supposed to go to the grass roots”

The mayor says some NGOs only approach his office for recommendations and renewal of certificates but never get back and neither do they go to the ground to provide services.Non-Governmental Organisations


He tasked all NGOs to submit their programs and activities to his office.

Balimwezo added that every NGO to be recommended or have its certificate renewed, will have come with facts and evidence showing that they are active on ground.

“We don’t want to recommend you for the work you have not done”

Commenting on the issue of Children on the streets, mayor said there is a lot of people who benefit from them.

“There are some MPs and other leaders who collect these children from Kapchorwa to be advanced with votes. Some collect them because they are requested by children’s parents to bring them to Kampala. They therefore put them on trucks and bring them to the city to begin begging” he added

Balimwezo said this is unacceptable and called on fellow leaders to find remedies.

The event was attended by all NGOs in Nakawa division, councillors and the media.

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