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Ilove the New DP. @Vicent Mayanja do you copy? Our war plan is working. We set the tune and others dance. Now everybody is dancing to our tune. Thousands of comments about our resurgence. Character assassins shooting blanks at us. We are steel clad. We have become agenda setters. The party previously seen as a party of subcontractors has undergone an unprecedented rebirth. Uganda Democratic Party lived to overtake UPC, DP withstood the terror of 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s! Uganda Democratic Party will not just survive. DP will prevail!

But what did I want to say? Well, here it is:

I’m baffled by Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) these days. Their strategy has not worked but ignoring the results, they insist on it after four failed attempts. I read somewhere that madness means doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

I have really struggled not to say anything about Forum for Democratic Change , but let me just say that FDC is now a Weapon of Self Destruction!

I am sorry I now tend to reluctantly agree with those who once said FDC stands for “Forum for Delaying Change”. That is, change must not come until the 50 year plan crafted by Luwero Bush conquerors for total domination of Uganda has been achieved.Uganda Democratic Party

The rejectionist attitude of FDC that everyone else is wrong except them and everyone is impure except them demoralised their President Mugisha Muntu and other key leaders and forced them to leave and form ANT! Now they want to turn Robert Kyagulanyi into a ball to kick around in their game of political ping pong. They want to turn him from their target to a tool. In addition, they are aware of the new awakening in the Democratic Party and instead of investing in healing their injuries the way DP is doing in order to form a block capable of being part of a meaningful alliance, they have declared war on DP, its leaders and even new recruits. They have deployed an army of cyber mercenaries within DP to discredit whatever DP does. Needless to say, that strategy has not worked in the past and will not work today. DP is stronger than it was. A briefcase party dominated by a megalomaniac surrounded by a clique of lumpen elites cannot just roll over a 65 year old party founded on real values.Uganda Democratic Party

DP was founded to fight for democracy, rule of law, constitutionalism and social justice. DP was founded for a reason, not a season. In the spirit of Nelson Mandela who said he fought against black domination and against white domination, DP cannot fight hegemony in government and tolerate it in the opposition.

But here is my main point. No struggle can succeed if secondary contradictions such us that among democracy seeking forces take centre stage and the primary contradiction between the decadent Yoweri Museveni regime and the people of Uganda is shoved aside. Those working for change must start from a viewpoint that the struggle is not primarily a struggle for political office. It is a liberation struggle. To reduce the struggle to a struggle for office is an insult to the Ugandan people. That is the reason TDA was effectively undermined by office seekers.Uganda Democratic Party

The struggle against the Yoweri Museveni regime, whose pillars were built by those currently lecturing us on how to oppose Museveni, was spearheaded by DP and Uganda People’s Congress. Under the INTER POLITICAL FORCES COOPERATION (IPFC), Dr. Ssemogerere challenged Yoweri Museveni in 1996 and gave voice to millions of Ugandans tired of NRM’s oppressive policies and warmongering. In 2001 Dr. Ssemogerere endorsed Kizza Besigye who was still fresh from his brilliant career as Yoweri Museveni’s bush doctor, chief Ideologue of the NRM anti-organisation philosophy, and a militarist who even opposed peace talks in Northern Uganda and the reinstatement of traditional institution and their assets (ebyaffe). DP and UPC ignored these and focused on the bigger struggle and embraced all who renounced Musevenism. Now those we embrace say we shouldn’t embrace those who have repented! They want an Utopian zero sum game. To achieve that they have launched the most uncivil war within opposition ranks.

The biggest failure of any struggle is to fail to identify the true enemy. That seems to be the main failing of Uganda’s opposition today. With all their education, sophistication and modern tools at their disposal, they have failed to concentrate their fire on Yoweri Museveni and are instead shooting at each other.

If our ancestors, Rwot Awich of Acholi, Omukama Kabalega and Kabaka Mwanga had not correctly identified colonialism as the primary enemy, their secondary historical differences would have distracted them. Because they defined the enemy correctly, they turned to each other rather than on each other. The Ugandan opposition should learn from these heroes of anti colonial resistance.

Not all storms come to destroy. Some storms come to clear the way. I think the current storm in the opposition is clearing the way for DP. This is a season for storm riders.

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