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If you look closely at Betty Nambooze, a Rwandan Hutu, you’ll see she’s a true chameleon and a fantastic mole in the Ugandan opposition.

Although she has managed to hide her true ethnicity and now acts like she’s the only Muganda on the planet, the fact remains that she is very corrupt and a hardcore NRM disguised as an opposition activist. What people don’t understand is that true moles can go through pain such as being beaten up, even being shot in the foot, being locked up..etc. It is all about serving and dedicating oneself to the NRM party.

Betty Nambooze

Ask her if she has ever returned her membership card and her gun to the NRM?

Betty Nambooze was also never legally recruited into the DP. She was taken to prison in the early 2000s after being caught by police with a bribe in an envelope at CBS radio. With the help of former Ssenkagale Ssebana Kizito and Erias Lukwago, they tried their best to save her from the coolers of Luzira prison.

She was convicted by the High Court. But thanks to Erias Lukwago, she was able to challenge the verdict and win her freedom on appeal. Since she was being persecuted by her fellow NRM member, Pastor Bakaluba Mukasa, she then declared herself a DP member and Mr Ssebana Kizito helped her with some financial support after her release from prison.

Betty Nambooze

So she didn’t come to the DP from the smallest unit at the village level, as she wanted to do with the chameleon. Through Mr Ssebana Kizito and Elias Lukwago, she also joined from Kampala.

Betty Nambooze, you were in NRM first as Mukyaka mukyaka officer (indoctrination trainer) and later as head of enforcement Mukono T.C. When you joined DP from Kampala, you also started to aspire for a higher position of MP Mukono North. So leave Jose Chameleone alone.

You and him are the same, both of you were in the NRM working for dictator Yoweri Museveni, both of you joined the DP in the same way and all of you wanted high positions as soon as you joined the party. The only difference between Betty Nambooze and Jose Chameleone is that both of them left the NRM at different points in time.

Betty NamboozeThe face of a pathetic politician meeting the boss of thieves in Uganda – the criminal Yoweri Museveni. Betty Nambooze doesn’t work for Ugandans, she works for the NRM criminal gang.
This kind of politicians are addicted to making fools of Ugandans because we tend to feel sorry for them.

What most people forget is that Betty Nambooze mobilised local leaders to go and be brainwashed at the Kyankwanzi NRM indoctrination school. She even led local leaders to State House to receive Kitu Kidogo (bribes).

Guess what?
She’s always the first to spew venom when former NRM members join the opposition. Yet she is blatantly pretending that her backdoor boss, Kizza Besigye, never came from NRM. We also know that Erias Lukwago is a Kyankwanzi graduate and he looks very smart in an NRM military uniform. When I get back to base, I’ll post the photos!

Tomorrow, when Betty Nambooze decides to go and scam foreigners for money, she’ll be in a wheelchair!

Have you ever wondered why she has her own regular talk show on the same radio station that doesn’t allow patriotic Ugandans to host a single show …. and the illegal organisation, the so-called Bum Government, of which she is the spokesperson, can travel around the country with impunity?

To answer this, let me be very simple. Because Ugandans have been emotionally blackmailed into always feeling sorry for fake politicians, they’re sleepwalking with them.

Ugandans should stop thinking with their hearts and start using their brains if they want a Uganda free from political hypocrisy.

Joram jojo

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