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The Yoweri Museveni government is faced with a number of challenges from western powers, hostile neighbours and internal opposition forces. No condition is permanent and therefore, it is in the interest of National Resistance Movement cadres to consolidate and retain power at any cost.

The regime is heavy laden like a belly of a satisfied python making it vulnerable to its enemies. The time is now to speed up the digestion and get active, aggressive and lethal.

Yoweri Museveni government


  1. National Resistance Movement is in charge of all resources financial resources and can therefore manipulate the peoples of Uganda in any possible means. The poverty of Ugandans make it easy for us to overrun their disgruntlement’s by promising them new hopes and bribe their weak dismantled souls.
  2. National Resistance Movement is in charge of the security apparatus and as the custodian of the law, National Resistance Movement can create and manipulate any powerful party, club or individuals. The fear of Ugandans makes them unable to withstand the presented of police and military fully equipped with full gear.
  3. National Resistance Movement is a protectorate of China and Russian who veto in the UN Security Council. NATO will not easily take us for granted. It is harder for western powers to declare war against the regime.
  4. Yoweri Museveni is a brand easy to sell in the rural peasants and can therefore be marketable. He is undisputed and apparently invincible.
  5. National Resistance Movement directly controls parliament… the constitution can therefore be manipulated to suite our own ends.
  6.  The judicial system is a footstool of the president. It is a condensing chamber for political activists fighting against National Resistance Movement. The law is fully in service of the powerful and rich.
  7.  Security and intelligence are permanent campaigning organs of Yoweri Museveni and the National Resistance Movement. So we can enjoy full time mobilisation.
  8.  The economy is fully controlled by National Resistance Movement cadres ready to fund the National Resistance Movement party activities at any one time.
  9. National Resistance Movement has a lot of achievements to boast about. The population can still be convinced. The opposition has only a show of meaningless speeches.
  10.  The information inflow and outflow is directly controlled by National Resistance Movement
  11.  There is no unifying factor to bring the people together for a common goal. Protests cannot succeed in Uganda. The populace is deeply divided.
  12.  Our intelligence system is working effectively in and out of the country. All resistances in Africa and Europe are tightly marked.
  1. Nearly all opposition political leaders pay tribute to the President for money since they are relatively needy financially.
  2. 80% of Local Councils are run by National Resistance Movement


  1. 80% of urban centres in Uganda detest our leadership
  2. Low rate of taxing
  3. Some individuals have been allowed to amass wealth which may turn out to be a negative boomerang.
  4. Incompetent civil servants
  5. High rates of corruption
  6. The National Resistance Movement structures are getting fragmented creating loopholes in our solidarity
  7. The police is housing more criminals than ever before
  8. Armed crimes are on the increase
  9. People in rural areas are becoming poorer
  10. The economy is slowly shifting to foreign hands. In case of insecurity, the economy can burst in just weeks.
  11. The East African Federation may not kick off
  12. The major projects like the oil pipeline and SGR have over delayed. Our trained people remain jobless due to this delay


  1. The rate of economic development is increasing
  2. China is willing to provide unlimited support to protect inter-government contracts
  3. DPRK is providing training and technological services to our military at a very low costs
  4. Russia and DPRK is helping to upgrade the electronic and cyber warfare to counter NATO efforts to oust the NRM regime
  5. China is willing to supply powerful weapons on loan. The weapons will make Uganda a regional power. Rwanda must always be kept in check.
  6. National Resistance Movement is richer than Uganda.
  7. National Resistance Movement intelligence wing is in track of all rebellious elements in and out of the country
  8. War on terrorism is a milestone to win US confidence in Yoweri Museveni’s leadership
  9. Regional conflicts are creating more desperation for western powers to look unto National Resistance Movement for a solution
  10. Hosting of refugees win for National Resistance Movement a favour from the international community to oppose any forces that might cause conflict within Uganda.


  1. People Power Movement is a big threat which might take the National Resistance Movement regime unaware
  2. Politicians are unreliable. Information from Sudan shows that his sponsored politicians are silently dialoguing with Israel and CIA to abandon Bashir to join the protests. It can easily happen here.
  3. The first family is divided on who the next president should be
  4. Uganda People’s Defence Forces and SFC are at loggerheads
  5. Rwanda’s influence is somehow empowering Allied Democratic Forces rebels whose mission is to destabilise the western Uganda.
  6. The Kasese incident remains a dent on the image of the regime. The watchful eye of ICC is closely watching Muhoozi Kainerugaba
  7. Social Media and Youth movements are a threat. OTT seems did not reduce social media misuse
  8. Robert Kyagulanyi a.k.a Bobi Wine seems to be deeply revered by western powers and that he may be the genesis of sanctions to limit or destroy our future plans.
  9. Some unidentified foreign elements are sponsoring groups to assassinate the president
  10. The foreign debt burden is nearing the brim. China may turn away like they proposed to Kenya.
  11. The Israeli are stepping up their efforts to oust the National Resistance Movement regime and they plan to use the Pentecostal Churches
  12. The media has been hijacked by anti-government forces
  13. Civil society organisations are silently doing anti-government campaigns
  14. USA is still controlling us using aid
  15. Most allies are losing power leaving National Resistance Movement in isolation
  16. Tribalism is at the highest level and it is likely to degenerate into genocide.


  1. Controlling the Politics
  • National Resistance Movement at all times should monetise politics and make it too expensive for local politicians and foreign opposition sponsors to afford
  • Sabotage the businesses of all wealthy politicians especially those from the opposition and independent minded National Resistance Movement politicians. Uganda Revenue Authority is the best tool to use, then commercial courts.
  • Keep all active politicians in debts. Debt controls the future of an individual. Be it National Resistance Movement or opposition
  • Set up propaganda machinery to convince the minds of the people
  • Pay broadcasters to display high figures on our development statistics leader board.
  • National broadcaster should never report any opposition activities
  • National broadcasters should never report on social problems anywhere in Uganda.
  1. Making the Politics
  • National Resistance Movement should not allow any other opposition politician to come up. Kyagulanyi a.k.a Bobi Wine was underestimated and took over the floor. Rwabogo thought that he could control him and advised the top authority to ignore him at the start; a move intelligence organs were opposing. Strategies should be put in place to avoid Kyagulanyi from appearing on the ballot.
  • All intelligence apparatus should step up efforts to diffuse all key opposition players using money offers or death threats
  • Some people should be forced into exile as early as November 2019.
  • Poison should be used to eliminate some opposition elements even in police, military and intelligence.
  • Some subversive elements from the first family should be relieved of their official duties and be confined in tasks which limit their interaction with people.
  1. Buyoffs

Poverty kills integrity and money buys integrity of the poor. Funds should be made ready to buy off all players in the opposition politics starting June 2019. The only exception is those individuals who can never be for National Resistance Movement by default.

  1. Reshuffles

The Cyber and electronic warfare team under SFC should vet all ministers to become and senior government officials before awarding them contracts and appointments. The communication nexus of each individual must be studied to avoid any moles.

There is need to recruit Baganda into cabinet especially in vibrant positions to counter the People Power Movement.

  1. Power struggles within the first family

Sam Kutesa, Kataha Janet and Rwabogo form a trilogy of resistance to the Muhoozi Project. As more intelligence is collected; the following should be prepared

  1. Deny Rwabogo frequent media appearances
  2. Talk to the wife of Rwabogo to adopt her father’s advice
  3. Deny Kutesa the chances of aspiring for presidency or speaker ship
  4. Keep the First Lady in tiring ministerial tasks to pre-occupy her time
  5. Humiliate the trio in commissions of inquiries and anti-corruption committees except the first lady.
  6. Query their businesses in tax evasion scandals
  7. At worst, send Rwabogo for duties in a foreign country
  8. At worst, limit the budget of the first lady by relieving her of any ministerial duties and be confined in the office of the first lady and operate with a minimum budget.
  9. At worst, connive with CIA and Interpol to have Sam Kutesa arrested while on a foreign trip.
  10. At worst with no such options, eliminate any subject by military grade poison.
  1. UPDF vs SFC

To avoid a mutiny, all superior weapons should be in the hands or custody of SFC rather than any other company of UPDF.

In the scenario of street protests, UPDF should be disarmed and all camps in the country should be presided over by SFC.


The security has so far foiled 13 assassination attempts on the president since 1986. Every first week of the month, there should be accreditation and appraisal for all the officers making up the presidential security detail in all aspects.

The cyber and electronic warfare team should be tasked to carry out investigations into the elements suspected to be participating on such projects and should be eliminated without warning.

The foreign elements suspected to be involved in such projects should be deported, at worst; they should be arrested, intoxicated and then deported.

  1. Reconciliations

The National Resistance Movement and Yoweri Museveni shall always reserve a room for reconciliation with the political class and disgruntled foreign elements willing to confess. There shall be no such room for military, intelligence and police agents working to overthrow the regime or attempting to take the life of the president.


All loyal cadres shall be rewarded with positions of power to elevate their income and at worst case scenario, resettle their families abroad and acquire for them wealth in liquid assets. All opposers should be downcast without warning.

  1. Security

This should be a special aspect. Every cadre VIP should be given escorts and lead cars to avoid assassination attacks. This should start in May 2019.

  1. The itinerary

 April – June – 2019

  • Draft laws to prevent Kyagulanyi from appearing on the ballot,
  • accredit all SFC personnel,
  • set up war against subversive media outlets and media activists
  • drafts all strategies to prevent a revolution from ever being born,
  • form a committee of pro-regime propaganda teams,
  • Use intelligence to identify all moles in government and also conclude with the strategies to popularise the Muhoozi project.
  1. July – September – 2019
  • Set up proposals to vet the businesses and banks to cleanse them of all moles. National Resistance Movement should deny all opposition elements access to money. Existing businesses should be suffocated by June 2020.
  • Bring on board Chinese and Russian strategists and funders to provide strategies to counter any protests in exchange for mega contracts.
  1. October – December – 2019
  • Diffuse People Power Movement
  • Enact the laws in parliament amidst military security from SFC
  • Neutralise Buganda Kingdom
  • Deploy local defence forces with command posts manned by SFC
  • Decongest markets and shopping malls
  • Close corridors and alley ways connecting different streets through buildings
  • Tighten military patrols in the city and major towns
  • Set up a standby force ready to disperse any gathering within 10 minutes.
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