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Here is Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, the Minister of Health, also aspiring woman representative for Lira.
The Uganda Electoral commission was advised to hold scientific elections in 2021 by the Minister of Health, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng. The Museveni dictatorship has been quickly Unmasked by its selfish political interests. 

She’s one of the “scientists” who advises the dictator Yoweri Museveni not to open places of worship, arcades, schools, etc. However, the same government minister, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng was in Lira district mobilising campaign rallies without a mask and people around her putting on masks.Uganda Health Minister

Dr. Ruth Aceng is among the “Scientists” that Dictator Yoweri Museveni continues to quote as his advisor in his usual bulletin speeches while breaking the law.


Uganda Health Minister

The same reckless minister proposed guidelines to Education Ministry for Schools to reopen: 

1.Maintain physical distance or social distance of at least two meters apart.

2.Each class should have a student leader for COVID-19 cases assessment.

3. Sanitizer of alcohol based hand rubs in class.

4. Use of masks for all learners.

5.Each school is expected to recruit a health assistant (nurse).

6.Teachers are required to enforce mandatory use of masks at education institutions and the school must Install Hand washing equipment at all critical points.

7.Full time trained personnel assigned to do temperature screening.

8.A well-calibrated working temperature gun to be provided at each entrance. ( So if you have seven classes those should be seven temperature guns,remember each costs not less than 800,000 shillings).

8.Staff to complete and submit daily screening summary reports AND a school should provide space such Learners with above-normal temperatures are promptly isolated and the district task force to be immediately informed-Isolation room for suspected learners to be provided

9.A foot-operated and hand washing machine to be availed in each school

10.Handwashing supplies to be provided at schools, at all times.

11.At least a five-liter liquid soap jerry should be in stock.

12. Display of Standard information and risk communication materials.

13. Assign staff to supervise break periods and stagger releasing students for breaks, lunch and going home time to limit interaction.

14. Supervise the handwashing session for learners
15 . Provide waste bins*Restrict community access to education institutions

16.Students and staff must sit at least 2 meters apart in the classroom ONLY 10 students/ pupils can be respectively accommodated in a standard classroom for primary and secondary, and then 15 students for higher institutions of learning.

17. Additional streams and new infrastructure requirements or modification may be required, to accommodate all students.

18. Provide expansion of infrastructure is not feasible and or go to shift system of education.

19. Additional teachers may be required to teach extra classes or adjust time tables to accommodate the number of increase of streams

20. Ensure good ventilation equivalent to 1% of the total floor area.

21.Ensure presence of windows equivalent to 10% of the total floor area.

22.At the end of the day, disinfect all toilets, door handles, window seals, tables, blackboards and other surfaces using disinfectant

23 Learning institutions should assign staff to assess for COVID-19 and keep records of all learners and staff monitor all learners and staff for COVID-19 symptoms.

24.Verbally assess household of day scholars

25. Space of two meters for beds.

26. Avoid Recreational and sports activities

27. Restrict entry into staff quarters.Uganda Health Minister

The Ministry of Health has on Sunday confirmed 12 new COVID-19 cases in Uganda bringing the total number of infections in the country to 1,025.

The cases were confirmed from 2,292 samples tested on Saturday.

“Results from COVID-19 tests done 11th July 2020 confirm 12 new COVID-19 cases. The cumulative total confirmed COVID-19 cases of Ugandans are now 1,025,” the Health Ministry announced.

The new cases include 7 truck drivers, 5 of whom arrived from Malaba border point, 1 arrived from Mirama Hills and 1 from Elegu border point while 5 are contacts and alerts to previously confirmed cases.

The 5 cases of contacts and alerts include 2 from Tororo, 2 from Lira and 1 from Cyanika.

A total of 17 foreign truck drivers tested positive for COVID-19 and were denied entry into Uganda as per the presidential directive that only COVID-19 negative foreign truck drivers should be allowed entry into the country.

The Ministry also announced that the number of COVID-19 recoveries in Uganda has risen to 972.

A total of 2,292 samples were tested for COVID-19 on Saturday.

Currently, Uganda has a total of 1,025 COVID-19 confirmed cases, 972 recoveries and no fatalities.

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