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Uganda Police Force has announced that it will personally guard court premises across the country, noting that they shall not be giving access to people wearing Political Party Colours.


The revelation was made by spokesperson CP Fred Enanga at Police headquarters in Kampala during the weekly security briefing.Political Party Colours

Mr Enanga said “this is among the new security guidelines that police has introduced to safeguard courts across the country.”

These follow last week’s incident in which a group of people overran the security at Buganda Road Court and also hit Grade One Magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu with an empty water bottle.

Kamasanyu sentenced Dr Stella Nyanzi to 18 months in prison for computer misuse.


“As police, we do strongly condemn and deplore such acts which put the lives of our judicial officers in danger. And we would like to use this opportunity to let the public know that courtrooms are special public forums which draw power and legitimacy from lawful and mutual respect of the judicial process,” Mr Enanga said.

He added that police shall come in to ensure that there is respect of law in regards to acts of hooliganism, political theatrics that purposely disrupt judicial processes.

“We have meanwhile stepped up security measures to all court premises and inside courtrooms,” said Enanga.

All visitors and public attendees will be screened thoroughly and those who intend to enter courtrooms shall be subjected to additional screening processes.

According to Enanga, objects of all forms, bottled water and even party colors are not allowed in courtrooms.

About the six suspects who were arrested for bringing disorder on Friday, Enanga says will be charged for contempt of court, malicious damage of court property and hooliganism.

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