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Its time Kampala got a new progressive and innovative mayor that will be able to market Kampala city, thus attracting inward investment to create jobs for the thousands of unemployed Kampala residents. Thus, their work has to be done efficiently, effectively and fairly. Jose Chameleon is a bigger brand compared to the Erias Lukwago Mudala (market stall) brand.

Its a fact,a great mayor can shape a city and a bad one can ruin it-Kampala does not look a great city under the mayor-ship of Eria Lukwago. 
I think the gentleman should concentrate on his legal firm, as he has been fortunate to have monopolised most criminal cases. Thus, taking away work from many law firms.JOSE CHAMELEON

We all know that to be a great mayor, one has to be colourful, and a fanatic of that city. However, Erias Lukwago is less of a Kampala fanatic, but more of a Kizza besigye fanatic. 
Today, Kampala needs a fanatic mayor that will pick the city from Erias Lukwagos’ Scrapyard.

In-spite of Jose Chameleon having a questionable past, he has what it takes to make a great mayor of Kampala city as we’ve seen with the likes of Pasqual Maragall, the Barcelona mayor who in 15 years as mayor revitalised the post-Franco city. For a while he brought the world flocking to see how he had done it, until tourists swamped the Ramblas, and a new mayor led a revolt against any more new hotels.

Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan built a political reputation for competence as the mayor of Istanbul, before he lost it trying to reshape the city in his own authoritarian image.

The reforming Latin American mayors from Bogotá in Colombia to Curitiba in Brazil managed to turn around the fortunes of the favelas(Ghettos-Slums) with those same cable cars that so seduced, the London mayor Boris Johnson.

Rodrigo Roa Duterte, KGCR also known as Digong and Rody, is a Filipino politician who is the 16th and current President of the Philippines, was once a Musician like Jose chameleon.

During his more than two decades as mayor of Davao City, the controversial politician transformed the city from a haven of lawlessness into one of the safest areas in Southeast Asia. Duterte’s harsh crime-fighting tactics earned him the nicknames “the Punisher” and “Duterte Harry” (in reference to the film character Dirty Harry, the ruthlessly effective police inspector portrayed by actor Clint Eastwood).

Kasim Reed, the mayor of Atlanta, under his leadership, the local government has strengthened its economy and developed urban amenities in a manner that is effective, efficient and fair.

I see Jose Chameleon in a Rudy Guilani-the mayor of new York that worked with the government to tackle crime that had turned the city into a menace. 
When a city has less crime, then it will attract genuine investors.

Today Kampala needs a hands on mayor and not a Lordships, that will keep the city in a scrapyard of bureaucracy.

Joram Jojo

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